The Issue

Once summer break begins, many of the more than 350,000 children in Greater Atlanta who ​​participate in a free or reduced school meal program go without breakfast or lunch.

United Way’s Role

United Way created the Silence the Growl campaign to raise funds/meals for partner agencies within our community who are working tirelessly to combat childhood summer hunger.

​​Enterprise Holdings’, Rachel Cowart enrolled the CSA to participate in an expansive, organized effort at Sysco Corporate that resulted in the making of 25,000 lunches on July 27th. The CSA volunteer crew arrived on the scene at the start of the day in force. Many staying through multiple shifts. It was an incredible environment to be a part of, filled with caring individuals from businesses and Societies all over Atlanta.

Lending a helping hand, after all, is hugely interwoven into the role a concierge plays day to day on the job. It’s no surprise that our members are always willing to pitch in to help those in need. That very spirit attracts affiliate members that are also like minded. The CSA is a strong positive and helpful force here in Atlanta.