Guidelines of Professionalism

Members of The Concierge Society of Atlanta are constantly in the public eye. It is our duty to serve our guests and represent our hotels, businesses colleagues,and city with the upmost grace and professionalism.

1. The CSA strictly prohibits discrimination based on age, disability, gender, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.

2. Members will not condone, engage in or defend illegal conduct or practices.

3. Members will take care to present a neat, clean appearance including proper personal and oral hygiene and will abide by the appropriate dress code to all events.

4. Transaction by members requiring payment should be handled accurately and promptly. Service charges for a predetermined fee for a service rendered should be agreed upon with the guest prior to the transition.

5. All members shall conduct business in a professional, helpful, courteous and timely manner. This includes correspondence, emails and phone to guest and colleagues.

6. Commitments to colleagues and others shall be honored. Promptly notify the proper party when circumstances prevent honoring an affirmative RSVP or commitments.

7. Personal problems will not interfere with the professional performance of a member. The member will refrain from undertaking any personal activity that is likely to lead to inadequate performance.

8. All members shall exercise objective, independent judgment in the evaluation and recommendation of goods and services. A member shall not misuse their position of authority by demanding goods, money, services for personal gain.

9. Members often act as a confidant for guests and colleagues. It is of the utmost importance to be discreet, trustworthy and refrain from gossip and rumors concerning guests and colleagues.

10. Guests often offer gratuities for services rendered and should be graciously accepted,

11. Overindulgence, including food and beverage, is highly frowned upon for all members.

12. Communication, cooperation, mutual respect and openness among members should be fostered and encouraced.