Taverna Plaka
2196 Cheshire Bridge RD NE, Atlanta GA 30324

Lively Greek Taverna with a full bar, belly dancing, napkin throwing, covered patio ​​seating and it turns into a Greek disco on the weekends late night!

“Taverna” is the Greek word for tavern…. not just a restaurant or a bar, but BOTH – with entertainment, dancing and music! How should you act at a Taverna? Well, generally you gather with friends and family at Taverna Plaka to eat, drink, converse, laugh, dance and party! So, have fun, enjoy and share your plate with a friend.

What is Plaka? It is Athens’ oldest and most colorful neighborhood. It is at the heart of the city and as you walk down its stone-paved, narrow streets, you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time – experiencing first-hand the history of Athens and its people.

​The Taverna in the front room accommodates larger parties and is available for private dining events. The Taverna also features a full bar and room for dancing and is the perfect destination venue for your guests to celebrate anything!

Helpful fact: Opa! (Greek: Ώπα) is a common Greek verbal emotional expression used frequently during celebrations such as weddings or dancing in Greece. In Greek culture, the expression sometimes accompanies purposeful or unintentional plate smashing..

The joyous celebratory shout of “Opa!” is heard often at this super fun destination restaurant, followed by napkins thrown in the air. No need to party on shards of sharp porcelain I suppose!