STK Atlanta/ Event and July Business Meeting
1075 Peachtree St NE, ATL GA 30309

STK is a huge supporter of the CSA, so much so that they hosted an appreciation event on May 25th and ALSO footed the bill for our July 12th Business Meeting. I would say they value the Concierges of Atlanta.

So how do we differentiate them from the pack of high quality steak houses in ATL ​​and refer visitors there? Let me break it down for you.

1) They are in Midtown. Midtown is not chock-o-lock full of restaurants catering to flawless, business-type folks in white shirts wanting solid, respectable, high quality food that is on the money, and so reliably perfect they will pay an additional $20 an entree to get it. But the business set flock here. and book their private dining spaces pretty consistently.

2) Positioning. Reviewers in the nation, the top food joes, dub STK as the Business chick restaurant. The owners behind this high-profile spot at Twelfth and Peachtree know how to circulate a marketing message. In media coverage, the same phrases appear over and over: “the steakhouse for women,” “steak for the stiletto set,” or (its official slogan) “not your daddy’s steakhouse.” And the concept—lighter food, frillier drinks, and glossier digs than your average chophouse—apparently has legs: Locations have opened in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami since the New York original appeared five years ago.—

This attracts not just women but men. Smart men do love a challenge and STK attracts smart women.

3) Neighborhood loyalty. The midtown neighborhood is persnickety. The venue offers neighborhood special pricing nights and the locals are loyal going there. This crowd is tough to win over. they gotta be doing something right.